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What Is Home Insurance?

Home insurance is safe. Protect your home and its contents from damage or theft in the event of the unexpected. A home insurance policy helps cover the costs of causing unavoidable damage to your home, such as fire or flood damage, as well as replacing stolen valuables if they are stolen.

Do you need home insurance?

Unlike auto insurance, which requires you to drive legally, home insurance is not a legal requirement for homeowners or tenants. But it’s a good choice to give you peace of mind in case something goes wrong all of a sudden.

If you’re getting a mortgage, your lender will probably insist that you get property insurance before lending you money. If you are a tenant, you only need to cover your belongings. The landlord takes care of the building covering.

What insurance do I need for my home?

There are two types of home insurance: building insurance and content insurance. You can get both separately from the same company, or with a combined home insurance policy.

  • What is building insurance?
    Building insurance covers the physical structure of your home (bricks and mortar) and any permanent fittings or fixtures (from your door to your kitchen sink).
  • What is content insurance?
    Contents insurance protects your household’s belongings from damage or theft, such as your TV and sofa you watch. Some insurance covers things even when you’re out and about.
  • What is Combined Home Insurance?
    To reduce the hassle, you can purchase both building and content insurance from the same insurer, but you should always compare quotes to make sure you get the best deal.

How much does home insurance cost?

The premium you will pay for home insurance depends on a number of factors, including the housing, structure and content, location, and claim history. This is because all of these can affect your claimability for your home insurance policy.

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It also depends on the securities you have subscribed to. Combining content and building insurance can save you money compared to buying them separately. In fact, between October and December 2021, combined insurance was on average about £30 cheaper per year than choosing individual insurance.

Cover type Average annual premiums*
Building and Contents £145
Buildings £118
Contents £57

How can I get a cheaper home insurance quote?

You can reduce your home insurance premium if:

  • Build a no-claim discount
    You can usually get a no-claim discount if you’ve been out for a few years without making a claim.
  • pay annually
    Paying all your premiums at once is cheaper than paying monthly, so it’s worth doing if you can afford it.
  • overpayment
    Asking for a higher amount will give you a lower premium by telling the insurance company that you are less likely to be billed.
  • Improve home security
    Protect your home with burglar alarms, security door and window locks, and safes. Especially if you live in a stolen hotspot
  • stay home
    An unoccupied home is at a higher risk of being damaged by robbery, fire, or spilled water.
  • water pipe insulation
    Pipe insulation reduces the risk of damage when freezing and thawing in cold weather.
  • install smoke alarm
    Installing a smoke alarm around your home is not only safe from a safety point of view, it can also lower your insurance premium.
  • shopping around
    Get quotes from multiple insurers – We work with over 55 companies to help you find the best deal.

What does home insurance cover?

The specific level of coverage you will receive depends on the details of your insurance policy. Many home insurance policies provide similar types of protection, but most have certain exceptions.

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What are you dealing with in general?

  • fire damage
  • flood and storm
  • theft and vandalism
  • Pipe rupture and water escape
  • subsidence and uplift

What is not usually covered?

  • attrition
  • Negligence
  • lack of maintenance
  • incorrect information
  • empty attribute

What additional policy features can I get with home insurance?

  • legal protection
    Owning your own place can lead to legal problems and costs can skyrocket. This add-on covers most home-related legal costs, from transfers, inheritances and probate to disputes with neighbors or merchants.
  • home emergency
    Home insurance covers floods and fires, but the emergency add-on includes extra protection against sudden bills. Covers callouts and parts for plumbing or heating issues. Flicking the key off the lock also solves the problem.
  • work from home
    Standard content insurance protects your belongings in the home, but not always when you are out. ‘Work from home’ covers items such as laptops and mobile phones against breakage, theft and loss while on the go.
  • bicycle
    Whether you’re a serious cyclist or a dedicated commuter, you can rest assured that your wheels are protected. The bike insurance add-on covers repairs in case of theft (as long as your bike is reasonably locked) and in case of an accident.
  • accidental damage
    Whether it’s red wine on a carpet or a child’s marker masterpiece, accidents do happen. Accidental damage covers protect your home from accidents not covered by standard policies. It can also help if you’re making expensive DIY errors or breaking windows.
  • garden
    Gardens are not always covered by standard home insurance, especially larger spaces. This add-on can protect your garden furniture, sheds and outbuildings, garages and perimeters from thieves who see your garden as an easy target.

Why compare home insurance quotes ?

We help you protect what matters most.

  • it doesn’t take long
    Enter details about your home and belongings and compare quotes in minutes.
  • we will find savings
    We search the market for the cheapest deals and help you choose the cover that suits your needs.
  • get the right cover
    To help you choose the home insurance policy that’s right for you, we’ll show you our billing experience with the policy.
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Who needs home insurance?

Home insurance isn’t legally required like car insurance, but it’s still important and helps protect your home. There are policies designed for all types of residents, including:

  • House owner
    You fully own your home or are currently paying off your mortgage. You are responsible for the physical structure of your home and for all belongings on the property.
  • tenant
    If you are an individual lessee of the rental property. You are only responsible for your own belongings. Building insurance is up to the landlord, so you don’t need to buy one.
  • House owner
    If you own and rent real estate. You will be liable for the condition of the property, but you will only need to cover the building and content you provide.
  • students
    If you live in student housing, you will usually share with other students. You can purchase home insurance from a parent or guardian, but this is not always the case.
  • flat share
    If you share a house or apartment with another adult. Details about door locks and access points can affect insurance premiums as there is a higher risk for shared households.
  • villa owner
    If you own an vacant cottage. For properties that are vacant for an extended period of time, you will likely need to purchase specialized home insurance.

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