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How To Get Cheap Car Insurance

Car Insurance – Unless otherwise stated, most insurers automatically renew their insurance. Insurance premiums go up and down, so don’t accept the first quote and look for a lower price on your auto insurance.

Here are 10 ways you can help lower your car insurance premium :

1. You can lower the price by adding a named driver. But always remember that you should list the person who drives your car most often as the main driver and the infrequent drivers as additional drivers. Otherwise, this is called fronting and is illegal.

2. Increasing the voluntary overage changes the price as you are willing to pay more for the bill. Be sure to consider the compulsory overage amount listed in your policy of insurance as you will have to pay the full amount if you make a claim.

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3. Build a no-claim bonus (NCB) to significantly reduce your premiums. Some insurers may require proof of NCB. You can get this from your previous or current insurance company.

4. Pay annually if possible. Most insurers charge an interest or administration fee if you choose to pay monthly, which may end up costing you an additional 15%2.

5. Be aware that unnecessary extra features such as breakdown cover or legal assistance will increase the cost of your quote. Choose only the add-ons you need.

6. If you choose the correct position, the price will be lower as the insurance company will use your job as an evaluation factor when calculating the insurance price.

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7. Buy your insurance early to get the lowest price. Our data shows that the later you leave it, the more premium you pay. I think the best time to get auto insurance is three weeks before renewal.

8. Compare different levels of cover. The most basic covers aren’t necessarily the cheapest. In fact, comprehensive insurance can often be cheaper, even with a higher level of coverage.

9. Think about how you will use your car and choose a cover that suits your needs. Social use, social and commuting, and business use offer different levels of coverage depending on how you use your car.

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10. Calculate your mileage accurately so you only pay for the miles you drive. The average annual mileage is about 65002, but think about the type and frequency of travel. You can also check your mileage between your last MOTs to see how many miles you have driven in the last 12 months.

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