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8 Insurance Marketing Ideas To Reach More Shoppers And Sell

Insurance Marketing – Any business needs great marketing to grow. Finding effective ways to attract potential customers is even more important when your revenue depends on a steady stream of new leads. Luckily, identifying insurance marketing trends can help boost your lead-generating game. Be sure to review our final guide.

Whether you run an insurance agency or work for yourself, online marketing is the next frontier to explore. Many insurance companies are not adapting to the needs of online shoppers, which provides a great opportunity for you to shine.

Web-accessible agents can be a resource for anyone who needs insurance assistance.

This article provides 8 effective digital marketing ideas you can use to stand out in the insurance industry.

8 Best Insurance Marketing Ideas

A big part of being a successful insurance agent is building a network. If you want to sell more policies, you need to constantly find sales targets.

With the right insurance agency marketing strategy, you can reach a larger target audience and re-engage the customers you already have. Implementing the following digital marketing strategies can reward your business with measurable results.

Referral Program

One of the most powerful insurance marketing tools is your customer base.

Shoppers referred by friends are 4x more likely to convert, which shows how effective referrals are. On the other hand, customers who are loyal to their insurers are four times more likely to refer a friend. To maximize the number of new customers your business receives, all you need to do from time to time is to encourage them to take action with your referral program.

When you set up your referral program, you need to provide an attractive reward to your customer base for all shoppers who refer your business to purchasing insurance products. These rewards may be gift certificates, cash, discounts or the like. You can also offer smaller rewards, such as $5 gift cards or free movie tickets, to existing customers who simply sign up and refer shoppers who come to visit for a consultation.

Don’t forget to boost your marketing efforts by marketing your referral program in your email newsletter or social media.

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Online Reviews

Referral marketing is very effective, but by itself it cannot guarantee that rumors about your business will spread quickly. You need an insurance marketing strategy that leverages reviews to amplify the positive messages your customers share about you.

Thousands of consumers read reviews every day. Of these, 93% are influenced by what the buyer says. Reviews have a big impact, so maintaining a consistent stream of real feedback across Google, Facebook, and industry-specific sites will help you build trust and attract more insurance leads.

Tools like Podium Reviews can automate review invitations so you never miss a potential review opportunity. When a new review is launched, our tools allow you to respond professionally to each review in a timely manner from one central location.


Another way to get effective referrals is to reach out to local businesses who are not direct competitors but have audiences you want to reach. For example, you can ask us to partner with an accounting firm.

In this partnership, you can refer each other exclusively to customers who are searching for services like you. You may promote the partnership on your website and social media, and so on.

Of course, partnerships aren’t limited to the digital space. You and your partner can and should promote each other while chatting directly with customers, so the partnership can grow more fruitful. Partnerships also allow us to further drive growth together by hosting or operating a booth at a local community event.

LinkedIn Networking

Face-to-face networking is still an effective way to build relationships, but the days of handing out stacks of business cards to get a few leads are over. These days, you can easily promote yourself as an insurance agent on LinkedIn to reach people beyond your immediate line of sight.

Here are some key tips for networking on social platforms.

  1. Complete your LinkedIn profile (or your business page if you have an agency).
  2. Write personalized notes to everyone who requests to connect.
  3. publish continuously
  4. Call before networking or asking the big question to add value and build relationships through your content.
  5. Follow up on warm leads who didn’t follow these steps
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LinkedIn is a great insurance marketing platform especially for agents and agencies specializing in business policy. Nearly 80% of B2B marketers agree that the platform helps them generate leads, so there’s no stopping them from reaching out.

You can also use LinkedIn to build business partnerships and drive more referrals.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing outside of LinkedIn is a must in virtually every industry today. Customers are using social platforms not only to connect, but also to shop and research.

In addition to posting organic content on each platform and engaging with their followers, insurance agents can use social media advertising to increase brand awareness and win leads among users who do not follow their pages.

You can use ads on any platform, but we recommend investing in Facebook retargeting ads in particular. This Facebook ad will help re-engage consumers who may already be interested and have browsed your insurance website but may not have taken the next step to request service.

Landing Page

Insurance is a complex subject. When consumers need help in understanding information, many people turn to the Internet to find the information they need.

A landing page is a page on an insurance agency website that is built for conversion and targeting specific relevant keywords. The more you hold, the better you can reach people in your target market who are actively seeking insurance.

Landing pages can answer questions about different types of insurance, such as auto insurance or life insurance, as well as focus on specific state policies and partnered insurance providers. For example, Business Insurance USA has a great landing page where visitors can get business insurance quotes based on industry, insurance type, and insurance limits.

We recommend ending each page with a lead magnet such as an instant quote, insurance calculator, or PDF sorting policy options. In this way, prospects are encouraged to submit phone numbers and emails for SMS and email marketing.

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Google PPC Advertising

You don’t always have to wait for your landing page to organically reach your customers on Google. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads can also be used to push ads to the top of relevant search engine results pages (SERPs).

These PPC ads allow you to target specific audiences with your marketing budget. PPC marketing campaigns can increase conversions in a short period of time.

When choosing keywords to rank, don’t just pick the most popular ones. “Health insurance” can be a high search volume, but it can also be very expensive to target. Targeting more specific keywords with low search volume, such as “health insurance for seniors,” can be equally effective for ROI.

Local SEO

The insurance policies you sell are state-specific. This means that even if you don’t operate outside your physical office, your agency will vary by location. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary to best reach people in the regions you are targeting.

Local SEO includes all the methods used by SERPs with local intent to rank higher. This way, you can reach directly the people you’re serving, so you can reach more relevant audiences and convert faster.

Here are some specific local SEO strategies you can implement:

  1. Optimize your Google My Business profile by filling in your address, service area, and more
  2. Use of location-specific keywords across websites and content marketing
  3. Make sure all business listings on social media, phonebook sites (eg phonebooks) have accurate contact information.

Extend your reach

In the insurance industry, every new person you meet is important. A deliberate effort on your marketing efforts and expanding your online network can directly help you generate more leads and drive more sales. These 8 insurance marketing ideas will help you promote your brand in an effective way to as many potential customers as possible.

After launching a new insurance marketing activity, you can once again use digital tools to help your agency evolve by providing the best possible customer experience. See how a local insurance company uses Podium to transform digital communications and drive more sales.

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